I Believe In Laughing And Happiness

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I believe in laughing and smiling. I believe in the laugh that makes your stomach hurt, the laugh that makes you cry and the laugh that makes you roll on the ground. Smiling is a powerful expression in this world. A smile is contagious and it makes you feel loved and warm inside. A small gesture like a smile can go a long way with someone. Smiling can make your day better along with someone else's. Last year I was given the opportunity to volunteer at a local Special Olympics event, with a group of my friends, we each worked at different events. At one event I worked at I had to hand out water bottles to the runners after they finished their race. As each runner came to the end of the race they all had smiles on their faces. However, there was one contestant that came in the last place and started to cry as he crossed the finish line. I went up to him to hand him a water bottle and said, "You ran like the wind today." he replied sobbing, "I'm not going to qualify for States with this time." I saw that he was upset with his results so I said, "Cheer up, you still have three more events to qualify."…show more content…
My friend Griffin and I find every second to laugh at something even if it is as dumb as making a funny face or telling a dumb joke. Even when one of us is having a bad day a good laugh from a funny picture always brightens my day. Laughing just makes you feel good. It refreshes you and makes your mind forget about any problems that you have. Laughing is the by far the best medicine for any problem. My family eats dinner together almost every night. The table is always full of laughter, laughter brings my family together. During the holidays like Christmas, there is never a dull moment. There is always something to laugh about whether it be my brother Richie making a joke about my parents awful cooking, or my cousin doing something ludicrous. Laughing is a strong emotion, and can always brighten someone's
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