Competince Of Market Analysis: Fresco Restaurants

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Market Analysis BN160722 BUS 557 Applied Capstone Professor: Dr. Moe Saouli Westcliff University 17/03/2018 Abstract This study is conducted so as to analyze the market analysis for my business ‘Fresco Café’. In this study, I will be including the details regarding my business ‘Fresco Café’. I will be discussing the importance of market analysis. I will also be describing about the industry and doing the industry analysis for the ‘Fresco Café’. I will be discussing about the target market and potential customers of ‘Fresco Café’. In this study, I will also be doing the competitor analysis for my business ‘Fresco Café’. The finding of this study will help the other related organization conduct the market analysis more effectively and…show more content…
According to Resource Centre for Primary Health Centre, in Nepal, 72 percent of the respondents preferred to eat unhealthy foods to healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables. However, such transition is because of lack of access to healthy and affordable fresh produce. If we search for the ‘Fruit Juice Vendors in Nepal’ online, below are the pictures that come up: Even from the picture, it is very clear that the local fruits vendors are very unhygienic, near the roads, thus, chances of pollution, no good sitting arrangements and better environment to enjoy the juice and fruits salads. Most of the customer won’t be willing to have a healthy and fresh produce from such vendors. Thus, it is unrealistic to expect the individual to go for healthy and fresh product, when there is no healthy and hygienic place to have the food. Therefore, my business ‘Fresco Café’ will be based on the following concept with good surrounding environment, healthy and hygienic way of delivering the services and foods and good sitting arrangement to enjoy the…show more content…
One of those marketing strategies will be through public relation campaigns, such as organizing an events and inviting famous chef and celebrity to cook and taste the product in our café. Social networking sites are taking the market by storm, thus, we will highly concentrate on the social media like Facebbok, Instagram and Twitter to connect with our potential customers. We will also provide occasional discounts or free product to the lucky customers every week. Such public relation campaign will helps us to maintain a long term customer relationship. Likewise, our marketing plan will highly emphasize on health benefits of our products. We will advertise about our product and business in health magazines, newspaper and online websites. Since one of the competitive advantage of our business is attractive packaging. We will also highly promote this packaging factor to the customers. Our marketing slogan will be ‘Healthy Juice for Healthy

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