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ACTIVITY 1 I agree with the statement recognize, find and gather information helping student to achieve their goal. Study skills are the method and plan that assist a individual to understand or pay attention for specific purposes with the aim to keep in mind (Harris and Hodges, 1995, p. 245) It is important for a variety of reasons: 1.1 Gain knowledge When we study, we can actually gaining the knowledge. There got a lot of sources we can gain knowledge. Examples journal, magazines and internet. There are more successful people and million today. To become one of them, the first thing is to learn and get to know their past. Studying is a great path to get to know them and learn from these great people. Pupils must be taught to learn successfully…show more content…
It will make us feel to build self confidence and make a better plan before taking action. Improvement in self-regulation skills has revealed an increase in academic achievement, development in mental health performance, and increases in the ability to cope with stress (Blair, 2002;Bradley & Corwyn, 2005; Buckneret al., 2009;Roe-Sepowitcz & Thyer, 2004; Vohs & Ciarocco,2004). 1.4 Tools of communicating Through studying we will build more solid foundation for communication. Studying can make us understand more and can communicate better with people. . Incompetent communication skills are still identified as a strong difficulty to terms of healthcare service.( Amiri H, Sadeghi Sharme M, Karimi Zarchi A, Bahari F, Binesh,2013) .For example people with knowledge can share information and better communication with the world. Conclusion IN a nutshell studying is a purpose to learn new things to make a better improvement in our life and to achieve our goal (353…show more content…
The reading comprehension process is about accepting the opinions or messages that the author wants to deliver deliberately (May, & Rizzardi, 2002).There are few skills guide me for my studies. 2.1 My inspire My inspire is essential learning management system for OUM learners. My inspire have different kind of learning materials with free navigation structure and user friendly .Its helping me for my studies. We are encouraged to install Adobe Acrobat Reader in mobile devices. This will help me to view pdf materials such as e-modules at facility and also guide me to take notes inside the material. 2.2 Digital library The user of a digital library no need to go to the library, people from all over the world can get as fast access to the same information as long as an internet connection is available. Libraries are little by storage space but digital libraries have the possible to store much more information, directly because digital information need very little strength space to accommodate it.( Pomerantz, Jeffrey, & Marchionini, Gary.2007 2.3 Drop

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