The Importance Of Stereotypes In Society

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In today’s society, it has become human nature to misleadingly form stereotypes and misconceptions of people from the get go, but do these ideas formed compare to the underlying truth of a person? Stereotypes are popularly used to categorize a group of people based on an exaggerated truth; it is assumed that all members of the group carry the same characteristics. Misconceptions come along with having stereotypes-- though these are completely false and unfounded. Unfortunately, these forms of judgement have been an everlasting problem based on untruths and lack of education-- in which society has created long ago. Biased opinions have been passed down from previous generations and stuck to certain groups of people. Mothers who choose to stay…show more content…
A stereotype is a widely believed mental picture of specific types of people intended to represent the entire group as a whole. These thoughts are often based on truth, but are usually exaggerated and vary from reality. Stereotypes of a certain group of individuals infer that every single person linked to that group possesses all of the same characteristics-- similar to the idea of being guilty by association. Having stereotypes in society leads to social categorization. For example, when seeing someone walk in a classroom who is wearing suspenders, glasses, and lugging around five textbooks, the mind automatically assumes that this individual is very smart and somewhat nerdy-- but maybe that is not the case. Sadly, that automatic judgement is generated from stereotypes and how they have made people ignore differences between individuals. With this, it is easy to look past one’s real identity and think something that may not necessarily be true. Stereotypes are often used in society to categorize specific groups of people as all being one certain…show more content…
For myself, I have lived my entire life with a Stay-at-Home Mom, so I know what it is like to have a parent whose main job and priority is to care for her kids. With all my mom has done for her children, I have never once thought of her as being someone who is any less of a woman with an established career. The job a mother has to love and nurture her children will never be able to compare to the highest rewarding job out there. A Stay-at-Home Mom is there for her kids whenever the time may be-- whether it is three in the afternoon or three in the morning. I cannot even begin to explain how many times my mom has been there for me at times where I needed her the most. Stay-at-Home Moms are always available and it makes it very easy for a child to reach out because these moms can always be counted on. There has been so many times where I have been up late and in a crunch doing a school project and my mom is right there, by my side, helping me until I finish and go to bed stress-free. Little things like that make having a stay-at-home mom a luxury and

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