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A) I was having trouble finding an ethical dilemma that I was involved in personally, so I tried to think of one that I could encounter in my perspective career field: education. You are a high school math teacher just finishing up the Fall semester. In your Algebra II class you have a senior student named Tim. Tim is an incredible athlete, excelling in both basketball and football. He is expected to receive full-ride football scholarships from multiple division I schools. In the classroom, Tim has not been so successful. He’s never been a horrible student, but he has never shown the same drive in the classroom that he displays on the field. He has especially struggled in math, having just barely passed your Geometry class with a C-. Ever since his senior year started, things have just been getting worse. Sometimes he doesn’t even show up to class, and he’s just barely hanging on to a D. You’ve heard that Tim’s life at home has been hard, especially this year. He was being raised by his mom, who just last month was sent to jail for drug charges. He has been sleeping on his friend’s couch for the last couple weeks. Tonight while doing grade…show more content…
To focus on one, this is very unfair to the other students. If you have students in your class who know they’re not going to receive special treatment, even when the stakes might be just as high in the classroom for them, you are saying to them that their education matters less. I believe that students should have a fair education, but I also believe that people make mistakes that are difficult to control based on their situation, and sometimes we need to give them some breathing room. I honestly don’t know if it’s best to change the grade, and I think that’s what makes this specific dilemma

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