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One research findings I find to be the most useful for individuals going through a separation process is “if they have children, they must become single parents and begin to learn to coparent.” (Clarke & Brentano 57) When a marriage with kids ends the relationship between both parents cannot end because they still share something very important, they share the custody of their kids. Being able to communicate even after the marriage ends is very important because how else both parent can do a good job co-parenting. Unfortunately, after a marriage ends, parents (usually the father) reject to communicate with each other in any way. I have a very close friend who is going through a divorce right now and they have two kids. They are not doing a good job co-parenting because her husband rejects to talk, not even on the phone.…show more content…
I think this is the second most important thing to worry when divorcing, especially for women. Because women usually play a role of stay at home mom and take care of kids. That being said she has never worked or she has not been working for a while so she has to find a job that pays. Finding an affordable place to live another economic adjustment to consider immediately for individuals going through a separation. A quote about the housing form our text book is “Because two households are more expensive and economically less efficient than a single household, both spouses frequently move into more affordable housing.” (Clarke & Brentano 59). So kids and being able to coparent comes first and the economic adjustments and finding an efficient housing comes

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