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Watson had a troublesome childhood, with his single mother after his father left. He did not think he could achieve much with his life Watson was a very smart a boy. By the age of 21 he had a master’s degree. This was very uncommon back in the day. He was married twice with four kids. He discovered behaviorism he did this study in three different colleges. Chicago University, John Hopkins University, and Columbus University. He asked to leave John Hopkins from an affair he had with Rosalie Rayner. He had a horrible relationship with his children because his father walking out on him. This made him stay on his own. John B. Watson had a very hard young life, but as he got older everything started to look better. After all, John Broadus Watson, was born in South Carolina on January 9, 1878. His mother was Emma Watson. His father was Pickens Watson. He grew up in not so wealthy home in Greenville, South Carolina. Emma was very religious, his father did not have the same feelings. Nor did Watson himself he opposed religion.…show more content…
In 1913 at this university, Watson had a lecture named “Psychology as the Behaviorist Views it?” before he did this psychology was in disagreement over the ideas of the nature of consciences and the methods of how to study it. They were a numerous amount of questions. Watson answered some questions. He swore that the problem was the use of archaic methods and inappropriate subject matter. He thought it had nothing to do with consciousness and introspection so he cut it out of the picture. Instead he introduced it as a form of behaviorism. He saw psychology as the study of people's actions, which had the ability to predict and control these actions. They called this behaviorists theory. He used animals to study behaviors. Later he focused on humans and their behaviors. Now he is done with colleges and he is beginning to study behaviorism more. (Green, Christopher D.

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