Pesticides In Agriculture

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Biotechnology Essay Corn crops dying from pests and the use of pesticides BT Corn Ahmad Lozi Grade 9 Biology Miss Tania 14/5/2015 Word count: 1273 words Around 5.05 billion dollars of pesticide ingredients were used in farming in the year 2001 worldwide (Toxipedia). A problem that most corn farmers face is the pest raid over corn crop fields that eventually damages the farmers’ efforts to grow the corn, therefore this directly affects the corn production of farmers, which is the reason most farmers use pesticides in order to avoid having a big amount of pests in their crop fields. The word pesticide includes herbicides, insecticides, and other substances that are used to repel, or control any pest or plant. Farmers see pesticide use…show more content…
For example, Pesticides used in corn production may damage wildlife living within cornfields. They can disturb wildlife in two ways. First, when an animal is exposed to a toxic pesticide, they can become sick or die. Also, pesticides affect wildlife indirectly by decreasing food supplies and vegetative cover. Pesticide sprays can directly hit non-target vegetation, or can drift from the area and contaminate air, soil, and non-target plants (ToxicActionCenter). Pesticides are also very expensive and affect the economy. To safeguard citizens, many governments, especially developed countries, have regulated pesticide use such as Finland, Japan, and Itlay (World Health Organization), as well as quantities of pesticides existing in foods. In the U.S, around 300,000 people die as a cause of cancer routing from pesticides…show more content…
It can aid in increasing corn profits as consumers are guaranteed safer and less hazardous corn, in fact, studies show that corn production has increased by 62% since BT has been created. (Ageconsearch). Also, less economically developed countries don’t have many resources to trade with other countries. Their economy usually depends on the minimal amount of resources, so when MEDCs start producing genetically modified crops, the demand for regular fruits from the LEDCs decrease even more than it already was, thus the economy is severely damaged (Colorado State University). By the help of BT corn, there becomes less exposure of hazardous chemicals to the farmers so the consumer gains good quality corn as genes inserted are not hazardous nor contain any harmful chemicals so it is completely safe for consumers. Since the corn is already becoming immune to pest-avoidance, some are also engineered to become more nutritious and anti-cancer, so purchasing corn can now be more beneficial to health that can make differences in lives and encourages more buying also. This will also help resolve world hunger since the BT corn can get a higher produce and become widespread all throughout the year and in larger quantities, which grants people corn availability all year and increase the economy and while the corn production is increasing, the stock is rising. The worldwide price of corn also begins to increase rapidly due to

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