Explain 7 Reasons Your Company Should Be Using Social Media

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7 reasons your company should be using social media. Business owners know that understanding your target audience is key to developing a following on social media. Furthermore, business must understand what motivates, their target audience, what drives them to engage with the company in an organic way. Knowing your businesses strengths and weaknesses, while understanding your target audience, greatly helps when developing, engaging and interesting content to keep consumers coming back time and time again. Social media an essential part of any robust and outward looking marketing plan. Social media can bring enormous long term benefits to a company, so let’s look at some of the most important reasons. 1. Social media drives brand building & differentiation. Social media empowers a company to build brand awareness and communicate the personality traits of their brand. This allows consumers to feel what your brand is all about. This human connection creates an atmosphere whereby it is much easier for a consumer to feel connected with a brand. 2. Social media as a…show more content…
Twitter is often the first place where criticism or complaints come pouring out. Allowing tweeted complaints to go unanswered makes a business look like it doesn’t care. It is of the utmost importance to deal with these interactions in a professional and timely manner. Customers really appreciate real-time communications, when it comes to problems with a product or service. Very often the fact that a complaint or problem was address in a professional and timely manner, via a medium which the consumer comfortable, can turn problems in to opportunities for the company. Dissatisfaction, becomes satisfaction, the consumer is happy with the service offered by the company, who is turn will likely share this positive engagement across their networks. This adds to the company’s positive reputation as a great customer service

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