Automotive Rubber Manufacturing Company Case Study

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The Automotive Rubber Manufacturing Corporation has had great success supporting the automotive industry over the past decade. The manufacturing department has led the way by supporting an outcome-oriented culture which creates a climate of positive employee morale and job satisfaction. A climate of safety, efficiency and company pride is promoted by department leadership. Innovative management techniques based on employee recognition, incentives, and working towards a common goal have pushed the department to new levels of efficacy. Many of these management strategies could be applied to the company as a whole to bring efficiency and profits to a new level. Fostering an Outcome-Oriented Culture is an ideal fit for a manufacturing…show more content…
These same proven management techniques can be used to promote an outcome-oriented culture throughout the company. Changing the company culture will take time, persistence, and the complete support from top leadership. Establishing an outcome-oriented culture will propel the Automotive Rubber Manufacturing Corporation to new levels of success. References Works Cited Anthony Nyberg, J. P. (2016). Pay-for-Performance's Effect on Future Employee Perfromance. Journal of Management, 1753-1783. Erdogan, T. B. (2017). Organizational Behavior (Second ed.). SOOMO Learning and Flat World Knowledge. Retrieved from Joo Hun Han, K. B. (2015, March). Tightening up the performance-pay linkage. Journal of Applied Psychology, pp. 417-430. Michael Kosfeld, X. Y. (2017, January). The Effects of Financial and Recognition Incentives Across Work Contexts. Economic Inquiry, 55(1), pp. 237-247. Worlu Rowland, M. R. (2017, November). Effect of employee orientation in creating satisfaction with work. Business & Management Review, 9(2), pp.

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