The Importance Of Social Media In Agriculture

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The clothing on your back, the food you eat every day and that new purse you just bought all are products and byproducts of the agricultural community. This community has gotten a horrible reputation within the last few years due to lack of producer and consumer communication, lack of education and many wrongful assumptions; and social media does not help this stigma. Many assume that agriculture is a very negative career that is full of abusing animals, poisoning our food and water supply, causing global warming and just being in this career for the money. I guarantee you this not the case by any means. I am proud to be involved in the agriculture community and believe more people should be too or at least more educated. Social media is a very powerful tool, with both negative and positive effects. Much of what is on social media is the negative, untruthful side of agriculture created by animal rights activists and uneducated people. One video in particular shows sheep in a pen with no wool on, and blood in between their legs. Many people believe that when sheering the sheep the owner harms the sheep on purpose which makes…show more content…
This is a very risky industry to be a part of so the farmer will take every precaution when caring for that animal. They don’t want to put forth that extra money if they are able to avoid that option, instead they will take their time with that animal and make sure the animal is in a safe and proper environment. Bio-security is another series of steps of safety those involved with livestock take very seriously. These steps can include not sharing equipment, disinfecting equipment and supplies when needed, monitoring who and what come into contact with your animals, and many more useful steps that are taught in 4H

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