The Pros And Cons Of The FBI Agent

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“I've always had desire to play a cop or FBI agent”(Hefler). This quote was said by Tracia Helfer in discussing how many young kids have a dream about becoming a cop or an FBI agent. The job of an FBI agent involves someone who investigates information about legal, financial and personal matters. One can verify people's background and statements, go out and find missing people, and solve computer crimes. Private detectives work to stop cyber crimes, identity theft, card fraud and spamming, but work together to stop the worst criminals and solve mysteries pr cases that have not been solved. An FBI agent is an exciting profession that provides a variety of new daily tasks, Great pay with benefits and a career that benefits society. Arriving…show more content…
FBI agents can receive up to 85,190$ but at the low 26,960$. Normal pay can be 45,771$ but can receive 25% more as a bonus for working over 50 hours. Not only does this pay sound great, but recieve benefits for becoming an FBI agent also. One will receive Healthcare and receive 13 paid sick days. Also, get paid for vacations allowing you a break ranging from 14-26 days a year. The agency allows employees to set aside 5000$ a year tax free medical expenses. After 20-25 years one may retire, and receive income from three sources. Social security which is equal to every working american. The 2nd one is a pension based on past years of service and the average of the highest paid three years of earnings. The final type is a thrift saving plan similar to a (401K) employees can see a portion of their salaries in tax deferred investments. Receiving the proceeds upon retirement in a lump sum, in monthly payments or a life long annuity. See even though FBI agents have stressful jobs and hazardous work, the benefits received are worth it. FBI agents often work irregular hours because they conduct surveillance and contact people outside of normal work hours meaning they may work mornings, evenings, weekends or even…show more content…
FBI agents put their lives before everyone to defend our country from foreighn threats and illegal activity. Some of these activities could be credit card fraud and internet crimes. From people trying to steal your information in order to take possesions of ones things. Even money can be stolen from ones possesion from these theives, thats why FBI investigators are so important. Often times FBI agents try to capture the worst criminals in the USA or even try and slow down crime rate. Without these individuals normal life activities wouldnt be normal daily life. Things in todays world wouldnt happen without these law enforcers. Way to much crime would happen and happen consistantly, violance would keep citizens inside there homes and still may not be safe. Even the little things like ones child walking to thier bus stop woudnt even be safe. Kids couldnt go out and play or even become famine because theyre parents couldnt go to the store without being mugged. Having known all the criminals in prisons locked up for murder or even theft and those individuals woiuldnt be there without these law enforcers. Therefore let alone the things people dred doing everyday like work or school wouldnt happen in better words couldnt happen because these indivuals are needed daily to stop these criminals or even daily crime. If that sounds bad, threats like internet crime, card theift would happen

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