Automotive Industry: The History Of The Automobile Industry

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Industry profile Automotive industry mainly concerned with manufacturing and involves selling of self-powered vehicles, involving trucks, passenger cars, utility vehicles, farm equipment and other commercial vehicles. The history of automobile industry dates back to the 1890’s with makers pioneered the horseless carriage. A French engineer called Nicolas Joseph Cugnot, is given the credit of inventing the world’s first self-moving vehicle. Steam power was used by Nicolas for locomotion. Nicolas auto’s contained military application in the French army. Especially it was never commercially sold. Automobile industry initially ruled by steam powered vehicles as well as they were costly and difficult to maintain. There…show more content…
Model T cars were highly affordable to both European and American people. With the assembly line manufacturing method adopted by two separate auto makers William Morris and Herbert Austin gave way for the revolution of British automobile production. First compact car introduced to the market was Austin 7. William Morris manufactured the vehicles which started with front mounted…show more content…
Chrysler Corp. registered in to the market In the year 1925. Because of great depression in the year 1930’s most car companies failed in the market. American economy emerged from the depression stage with the help of World War II. After the world war II, automobile got a push in the US. Automobile industry has seen a rapid growth in the manufacturing technology in the year 1960. Rapid development in technology led to the innovation of turbochargers, fuel efficient injection process and independent suspension created a milestone in automobile history. In the year 1960 auto industries began to focus towards manufacturing safer vehicles to meet the consumer needs of safety. Studebaker-Packard is the first car to introduce seat belts in all vehicles in the year 1964. From the year 1969 to 1980 Pontiac Trans Am has become the top selling car. In the year 1980 Computer Aided Design being introduced in order for the creation of different designs. Computer Aided Design introduced initially in ford as a result ford Taurus become the first vehicle built using CAD. In the year 1980 87.3 % of the United states households owned one or other vehicles especially up to 51.5 per cent households owned more than one vehicles. Us citizens has become auto dependent. Automotive industry in

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