The Importance Of Shopping Signs

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INTRODUCTION Shopping has transformed from necessity to an adventure. It is more of an experience, opportunity for celebration. The good old days have gone when a list is made and shopping is done at the nearby Kirana store. Now shopping is a welcome break from hectic schedules. Retail giants like Big Bazaars rule hearts with “Is se sastha aur acha kahin nahi” Central with motto of “Shop Eat and Celebrate”. The double conversion theory talks about visitors converting into buyers. At this juncture it is important to notice that visual merchandising, which deals with the display of products and creating an ambience. A good display makes people walk into the store and also helps in making them feel like taking a look around. A successful retailing…show more content…
A sign must attract attention of customers in less than ten seconds and should convey what the business is and what it has to sell. The size of the letter used in signs should be large enough to 7 be read from a distant place. Elegant design and expensive sign material will convey a business of luxury goods and services. A design of the sign conveys a great deal about the business. Signs can also be used to target a specific market segment such as youth, women, singles etc. Logo is also very important and plays a major role in attracting customers. They should be unique and noticeable. To put it in simple words simple brief, well designed, well lettered and easy to read signs will attract more customers and convey a feeling of welcome to the customers. A stores signs is its identity. It is with the sign that the public recognize the store. Hence it should create an image that can be consistently carried out as an identity of the store. 1.3.3 Marquees Marquees are special type of signs used to display stores name. Effective marquees should be designed so as it is different from others and attracts the attention of customers. 1.3.4 Banners Banners are economical but colourful
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