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Women drool over John Abraham, now get them to drool over you John Abraham! Do we need to say anymore? He is surely the dream hunk for every woman. They are surely lying if they say that they never had a crush on him. With the perfectly toned up body and the looks that oozes with charisma, he stays as the dream guy for very woman. This has got the men thinking what women really want in a man and what makes them look appealing to a woman. What gets a woman go nuts over John Abraham? The question really is why a woman should not go nuts over John Abraham! Just one look at him and women go weak in their knees. This is the effect that most of the men want when women looks at them. Men have been looking to ways by which they can impress the women…show more content…
Be sure that she will definitely compare him to the Greek God, Adonis, who is considered as the epitome of masculine beauty. On further prodding, you can hear her talk about his smile, the way he looks and dresses up to events and the way he conducts himself. Everything that he does seems to be filled with a certain level of charisma that women look out for in men. Not all these, but his funny quips about stuff have also got women liking him even more. What a woman finds interesting in a man Women generally prefer men who are smart and those who have a serious knack of telling the most interesting stories. Few of the men have been born with this particular gift of telling stories that has both humour and feelings mixed in them. Just know that, everyone men can say a story but only a few can really make it interesting or to say so, only a few of them have really mastered the art of storytelling. For a woman, emotions are really important. They are able to remember stuff in a better way if they relate emotions to the piece of information that they have just heard or read about somewhere. They would really love it if a man is able to tell them a story or narrate some incident to them by adding some emotions to the entire story. For this particular reason, men really have to hone their skills of telling a

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