Why Do People Go To Walmart

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1 . People do whatever they feel like doing when they see no people are around. But living in this age you can never be sure that you are completely alone, this man is scratching like nobody is watching him. While in fact he was being watched by the surveillance camera right behind him and thanks to that the entire world can see him now. We are glad that he has his face facing the counter and also that his back is facing the camera. He must be really scratchy as he decided to scratch right over the skin. 2. Where do people even find the courage to dress up like that? It is not the skin she is showing that we mind it is basically the bra sort of thing that she is wearing inside that net top. She cannot care less if her breasts are sagging and she does not feel uncomfortable either. It does not support it and neither do us to be honest. What we do not understand is why do people go to Walmart looking like that, may be everybody wants to be on the "People of Walmart" these days. 3. You might…show more content…
A girl dressed like that might make any woman shopping at Walmart uncomfortable and ugly, nobody after all goes grocery shopping prepared to face such competition anyway. This girl actually made people see if she really did come only to shop, and guess what, she did. If you are wondering if there are any Walmart stores out there with secret clubs inside them then the answer is no. All Walmart stores have ever had are club sandwiches. 5. We too think that it is cute to make a little kid happy but this is down right absurd. We understand that you carry around a stool in your buttocks but that is a store and it is not cute anymore as it just draws attention to your immensely large cheeks. It must be fun though being related to somebody like that, whenever you need a ladder you might rather call them to stand at the spot and get over their bottom. Thanks to Walmart cameras we now know that such things exist in the world. It might even be included to job ads for construction
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