Jack Solomon's Masters Of Desires Affects Individual Identity

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Jack Solomon, author of “Masters of Desires: The Culture of American Advertising,” mentions that “we can conclude that America is a nation of fantasizers, often preferring the sign to the substance and easily enthralled by a veritable Fantasy Island of commercial illusions” (170). America is a society full of consumers. Americans are constantly looking for the next best product. However, there are so many products someone can purchase, so brands have to capture the consumer’s attention. Companies have tried many different marketing strategies in order to sell to more consumers, but these marketing strategies are shaping individual’s identity. The marketing strategies that have influenced individual identities through packaging, advertisements,…show more content…
In other words, packages reflect the interests and identity of the consumer’s buying their product. Packages embrace the trends in the world around them because trends can alter an individual’s identity. Hine states that “Packaging is the temptation” (115). Packaging can make or break a product. If a package does not reflect an individuals identity or interest then the consumer will not pick up nor purchase that item. It is important for a product to have packaging that will capture their target consumer’s interests. Culture influences individuals’ identity, and packages have to fit in different cultures to sell more products. Hine emphasizes that “most companies that do business internationally redesign their packages for each market… the principle reason is that people in different places have expectations and make different uses of packaging” (118). Throughout the world, people experience different lifestyles that require different types of packaging. A person’s lifestyle is closely related to their identity. If all

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