The Importance Of Innovation Architecture

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The innovational architectural culture within an organization plays a transformative role when compared with other factors of production such as labor, capital, and government policies. Innovative cultures within an organization is anchored on the platform of its available resources, values, and behavior. Innovative frameworks impacts the working environment, including the daily operation and its success. Innovation architecture is important to profitability, growth and sustainability. Innovation is, therefore, an integral component in most profitable and successful business models. Companies and organizations must embraced innovation architecture to improve the efficiency, remain competitive and make their business operation sustainable throughout the changing market and its demands. Microsoft Microsoft uses an innovation architecture framework, which is geared towards developing an integrated and comprehensive approach that blends its business production. Through these approaches, Microsoft has increased its market share, higher growth and profit margins; Microsoft has embraced and incorporated innovation architecture in all aspects of…show more content…
These components are critical in the development of ideas that facilitate innovation (Prokesch, 2009). This approach to innovation architecture predominantly involves integrated thinking and increased collaboration with the customer base. In order to understand the customer and market it is imperative to understand market dynamics, which involve segmentation and identification of potential challenges in the market. General Electric understands, the central gauge for success of innovation is its adoption by the market. Additionally, General Electric places importance on consumer feedback that includes, listening to the buyer and addressing their

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