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In the article, "Should Everyone Go To College?" written by Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill, in the Center on Children and Families at BROOKINGS. This article discusses the benefits of a college degree. In this section, you may also find many statistics and arguments over attending or not attending college. For the past few decades, a college degree has been argued as a prerequisite to entering the middle class in the United States. Study after study reminds us that higher education is one of the best investments (Owens and Sawhill). Many people agree to disagree on college. There are plenty of people who do not attend college, and they find their way to the top. College gives you the extended learning skills that employers will look for when you're finding a job. The authors repeatedly express several statistics, including, “14 percent of people with a high school diploma make at least as much as those with a bachelor’s degree, and 17 percent of people with a bachelor’s degree make more than those with a professional degree.” This statistic also all depends on the major you want to pursue your career in. The choices a student makes about his or her field of study and later in a job can have a substantial impact on what he or she gets out of her degree…show more content…
Being, Monetary benefits versus lifestyle benefits. The monetary side is explaining that a college degree is valuable to be successful and earn lots of money later in life. That money is key. Whereas, a lifestyle benefit is explaining that the money is not everything. Just being at college, having the chance, and working hard is worth the money. Everyone has different views, everyone has a different major, and everyone will chase their dreams and reach them. No matter what benefit or reason you are going to college, everyone who tries and works hard will make it. Just depends on you and how valuable that college degree or high school diploma

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