The Importance Of Sex Education

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While the society is changing little by little, people tend to be more open minded. Society nowadays accepts the “fact” as watching porn is a normal and it is considered as needs. According to Steve Biddolph, most men somehow crave for having “enough sex”. In this case, porn is very “helpful” when pornographic images, videos and chats are highly available anytime, anywhere. From Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett’s statement “Sex education without porn is not sex education”, we can see that part of the society even viewed porn as a channel of sex education. Other than that, a Scandinavian sexologist is suggesting that pornographic materials should be shown to pupils in the classroom. While part of the world thinks that showing porn to somebody else is acceptable and people should tend to be more open minded as the world is adapting, we…show more content…
Obscenity refers to anything that is offensive to the morality of someone else. Obscenity are always refer to pornographic materials while it can also refer to erotic content of books, magazines, films and recordings. For instance, a California teacher is under investigation after he showed porn to his students during their fourth-period world cultures class. Other than obscenity that is more on the materials side, there’s indecency that is more on the behaviour side. Indecency refers to offensive and morally improper behaviour. To be exact, indecency may refer as outrage to public displays of unseemly acts that goes against current standards of acceptable behaviour. For instance, any behaviour that offends or embarrasses sexual modesty of an ordinary people that cause shocking, disgusting and

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