The Purity Myth Analysis

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If someone was assigned to compile a video of clips that would make me cringe, they would come up with something similar to The Purity Myth. The clips used were reminders of the oppressive, heteronormative, misogynistic system that I grew up in. The film itself provides ample examples of the ways in which women’s sexualities are policed, the idealization of virginity, the shortcomings of abstinence only sex education, and the arguments against women’s reproductive health. I have never been envious of women, who are subjected to seemingly exhausting inconsistent expectations, and this film cemented that opinion. The Purity Myth critiques the way that female sexuality is commodified. It shows that a woman’s worth is not defined by her character but instead by what she does with her body.…show more content…
Expectations about having sex are very different for men and women. If a woman were to have sex it would be a direct reflection of her character, which is an issue that boils down to women being seen as objects or conquests. If a man has already ‘had her’ she is therefore used and becomes less value to a future life partner. Men who regularly have premarital sex are seen in a positive light, this uphold notions that male promiscuity is not only natural, but also a virtue. This can be see reinforced in the media where men are praised for sleeping with women, as if it’s a positive reflection of their character. Female virginity is no longer a label, it’s an idealized identity that can be used to marginalize. It is a precious quality that must be defended while male virginity is a laughing matter. Even procedures like hymenoplasty, which claim to be “empowering to women”, are done for male pleasure and aesthetics. Women pay money and go through pain to recreate an arbitrary characteristic that is not a definite sign of virginity. So much importance has been placed on a woman’s hymen, which is strange considering they can be broken in numerous ways and that some women are born

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