Essay On Servant Leadership

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As much as I like to say that I like the role of a leader, but at the same time I’m beginning to doubt myself. It could be the reason that my mentor has given me some serious doubts about this role. I’m not sure if my expectation of a leader was too high that I feel he failed me or I failed him of expecting too much from him. While I understand he’s very busy, but I also feel then why promise something you can’t deliver. If it happens once or twice I would be the first one to understand, but once it starts to happen constantly then one is not a real leader. "Enlightening leadership is service, not selfishness. The leader grows more and lasts longer by placing the well-being of all above the well-being of self alone. Paradox: By being selfless,…show more content…
Servant leadership is a concept that frames their operations. By viewing leadership as service in my experience you gain more respectability and people are more inclined to follow. Leading by example, showing best practices are other similar thoughts. Do I really want to be in his position where there’s too much imposed on him (my guess) that he can’t live up to anyone’s expectations? He would book an appointment with me then forgets about it, where no one knows anything about it. I learned that everyone on the site knows about him doing this all the time. Is this what leadership all about. Not in my books. I must say though, I have learned to do the opposite of what he’s doing. I believe that there is a spiritual component to the makeup of every person, therefore, I believe that our understanding of such is critical to successful leadership. Servant leadership was demonstrated in the bible, and it is something that can be taught in its basic form. To be a successful servant leader, I must in some capacity inherently be willing to serve others. This is the core of human nature and has a stronger presence in some people and perhaps not for
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