Importance Of Sex Education

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Firstly, I want to thank god to give all the force and quality to complete my task and besides I might want to thank my exploration directors Dr. N Chellan and Prof R. Sooryamoorthy. They have been a motivation for my undertaking, as well as for my instructive profession at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. They're direction and astuteness has improved this experience than I could have envisioned. Likewise, I might want to perceive the educators who I have had since I began the School human science program. They have consoled me each day of why I am picking this vocation and have kept on urging me to be the best understudy I know I can be. I might likewise want to give a major thank you to my guardians, who have never quit having confidence…show more content…
Sex is no different. It is an important and inescapable part of life and students need to understand it. An age appropriate curriculum of sex education can be used to explain and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy. I believe students should be given sex education from high school level because, if they are not given sex education, there is a large chance of an incident happening where education could have prevented a negative outcome. I believe that sex education should be taught in schools because it is needed to provide the correct information and accurate facts that might already be available to children through television, the internet and from other students. Children today have access to countless avenues of information, some of which may not be correct and can lead to mistakes in later life. When sex education is taught in school at the proper time it can dispel many rumours and lies about sex and provide a realistic view of sex and reproduction. Sexual education in schools is encouraging (in youths and adults) an acceptance for young sex on a whole. If some university can have day-care programs for pregnant teenagers, then why can’t they have rehabilitation centres for young drugs addicts? In the same way that schools take a zero tolerance stance on drugs, they can adopt a zero tolerance policy on adolescent sexual activity…show more content…
It is important that we instruct our students on sex education early unnecessary consequences. I think each school must teach this suitably and to each and every student. We have to teach them the safe way of practising sex and not to be reluctant to discuss it with them. Sex education should be start on the early stages of high schools because it where lots of people are teenagers. After they left school, they go into the world and the worse part they don't know how to legitimately protect themselves from the unintended outcomes of sex. In the event that the schools taught them how to appropriately take safety measures with the goal that they would not encounter pregnancy and stuff like that, society would be on an advantage side because no one is going to be the

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