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Kinsey’s Fraud and Its Consequences for society Mariel Benet September 19,2015 50 years ago Kinsey was a famous expert in taxonomy at the University of Indiana in the US, later he was coordinator of the new courses on marriage, established at the university, and was devoted to "advise" the students about sexual issues. Thus, he began compiling documentation and eventually changes the concepts of what society considered normal in terms of sexual practices, although he had minimal knowledge of sexuality or psychology. Kinsey considered sex between animals, a "model" for human sexual behavior. The only difference he saw was that animals act uninhibited, just instinct. However, society imposes certain standards to humans, according to Kinsey, unfairly inhibit or even prohibit "natural sexual behavior." According to the Kinsey Report on Women, published in 1948, "The conduct any kind of sexual activity is free of cultural conditioning that society imposes, and it takes to make distinctions between what is right or wrong, what is licit or illicit, normal or abnormal, acceptable or unacceptable in our society. " Kinsey did not take into account that moral norms about sexuality is based on human nature, that is, on what leads to his real good human being, rather than a serene and objective reflection can discover. Therefore,…show more content…
We must be aware that the original instigator of hedonistic life styles is none other than Satan, the Father of Lies, seeking the ruin of souls. Jesus Christ warned us: "... Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me, you'd better hang it around his neck one of those millstones moving donkeys and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." (Matthew 18: 6) Each and every one of us has a duty to serve our Lord in preserving the sacred truths that bring true

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