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Introduction: Politics is an important term which is related to the state and its institute. It includes the functions which are concerned with gaining and practicing power in a society as well as in a country. Politics plays an important rule to set up peace and co-operations by establishing laws and standards for expected codes of conduct. Different types and ages of people are involved in politics. Among them the involvement of youth is very important. Young generation is the next to enter in the arena of politics of a country and ultimately they are the one who will uphold the image of a country. This paper aims at analyzing the behavior of our youth in politics of our country. In this purpose, at first it is necessary to describe the political situation, youth’s expectation from the government, youth’s political experience and political education in Bangladesh. Moreover, it tries to explain the position of youth in our political field. Bangladesh is considered as a democratic country. According to Abraham Lincoln “Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” If we look at the current situation of…show more content…
In a recent survey of “JAGOO foundation” it is visible that the youth think politics to be a harmful thing, one fourth of the survey people think that their votes will not matter [1].This things make youth indifferent to politics .In political science it is called “political apathy”. Political apathy is when person has disinterest in politics .Nowadays, youth has been so much politically apathetic that they considered politics as a negative element, something that is harmful to the society [1]. Most youths in the present day Bangladesh hate politics due to its corrupt nature.the majority of the students of public and private universities are not even interested to talk about politics with their family and

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