Swot Analysis Of A Restaurant

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1. INTRODUCTION: 1.1ABOUT THE Restaurant: BANBATI is a restaurant situated in PANISOKUA (20 km away from Jorhat) proving services in foods and organise events in an upscale and cosy atmosphere. The menu of the restaurant is inspired by varied ethnic cuisine of Assam (e.g.., Assamese ethnic food, Boro tribe, Karbi tribe, Mising Tribe etc) as well as cuisines of other states and abroad. The restaurant will offer special dish every day in addition to the regular menu. The capacity of the restaurant is 80seats. The service of organising events will be limited. Only one event can be organized in a day. There will be a hall and also an open garden for the events. The capacity of the hall or the open garden is 150 maximum. It will be open 7 days a week. The time schedule is: DAYS TIME MONDAY- FRIDAY 8a.m. – 10a.m. SATURDAY- SUNDAY…show more content…
These are listed below: The Business Man: Normally there are business meetings of the business professionals in a regular basis. X is a perfect place to conduct business meetings as it has cosy environment which helps in soothing the minds. Moreover, it can help them relax and use their money in the best possible way. Couples: X will have an intimate soothing and romantic atmosphere that encourages the couples for a perfect dating spot. It focuses on being a place where people meet and develop a network. Families: Families normally where both the parents work outside tends to go restaurant on a regular basis. It is a perfect place for the families as they can have a value time with all the members of the family. Moreover, in some families it can be seen that they organise small get together with friends and families on the occasion of birthdays, anniversary etc. Due to lack of space in their residence they organise the same in an other places like restaurants. X will provide a ready-made event hall or open garden (as the preference may be) to them. Highway

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