Teen Pregnancy Genre Analysis

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Teenage Pregnancy: Genre Analysis of a YouTube Video and a Newspaper Article Today teenage pregnancy is very common in the United States. This problem is enormous since teenage years are from age 10 to 19 and most pregnancies occur between 12 and 16, but at that age one girl cannot take care of a baby. This problem is caused by the lack of information about the methods of care, the consequences that can have a pregnancy at that age and lack of communication with their parents about it. Many people considered teen pregnancy as not as serious matter but if people do not take action now it might get worse in the future. Although, there are many different ways to communicate and find information about this matter, such as genres. Genres are a form…show more content…
And also persuade parents to be more aware of their daughter’s actions and to keep them informed. The video also provides information for what methods are available for teenagers to use to protect themselves and for the parents’ methods on how to talk to their children about sexuality. However in contrast with the newspaper article Health and Sex Education Push May Reverse the Trend of Teen Pregnancy focuses on teenagers, parents and the community itself. The purpose of the article is also to show the readers how important is to prevent early pregnancy and how high the rate of pregnancies in El Paso is and dangerous aspects of…show more content…
It establishes its credibility by the professionalism and the way the information is provided. Tortolero emphasizes that the information that she is using is from outside resources and that the primary argument is to give information and sexual education more available to students. However, many users might find the rhetorical purpose of reading this article is to evoke emotions of responsibility that parents and educators need to use to solve the problem and see whether the teenagers are having sex and if protection is used or not. This is meant to shock the audience and influence them to make a change. The audience can also find the rhetorical purpose on this issue because of the logical evidence being supported. For example, Tortolero stated that ‘’Nationally, the rate of teen pregnancy is 41 per 1,000 girls, in Texas it is 63, and in El Paso the rate is about 72 per 1,000 teen girls. However, in certain neighborhoods in El Paso as many as 131 of every 1,000 girls are becoming pregnant’’ (El Paso Times, 2009). This is logical evidence that can help the audience. Overall, both genres established ethos, pathos and

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