The Importance Of Distance Learning

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In order for individuals to gain mental skills, distance learning is a process which contributes to developing critical thinking and autonomous study. To succeed in one’s profession and sustain lifelong learning, mental skills are a must. This is where distance learning comes in handy compared to traditional educational institutions; as distance learning consists of a central focus on one’s independence in the learning process. Mental skills can include logic in problem-solving, higher academic performance, and stronger communication skills. A survey by Walter Otero (2012), a professor in the federal university of Brazil, was designed to study the level of distance learning and how its related to the development of high-level skills. Questions…show more content…
Mental skills enables individuals to discriminate object, identify and classify concepts, as well as enhance problem-solving. When learning online, individuals are more free to ask “why” where the answers lead them from one journal to another, one website to another, one e-book to another. This enhances their skills of evaluation and interpretation. Today, there are many online learning programs which incorporate problem solving skills through education. For instance, a program called Accelerate Expertise provides cased-based environment for analyzing loans. This programs allows an individual to evaluate a new client applying for a loan in a virtual office which includes credit checks, telephones, and fax machines; enabling the learner to feel like a real financial officer. When enough information is collected, the learner completes the loan transmittal form by making a loan recommendation (Clark & Meyer, 2011). Not only does this program enable one to analyze various sources but also to practice such a specific profession. In addition, it is cased based which promotes effective thinking-skills. By constant practice, expertise grows enabling individuals to be ready for related job with the appropriate…show more content…
This is because they are more directed towards the achievement of outcomes while acknowledging the lack of prescriptions. A study conducted around Robert Sternberg’s mental self-government theory re-emphasized the results of a questionnaire which reported a 72.6 percent of participants who preferred to work on projects where they could study various ideas from different sources. In addition, 69.1 percent of participants preferred to complete projects while working independently. To illustrate, distance learning prefer free environments away from conventional circumstances. They require a major space bubble to solve problems and complete tasks as they cannot focus on one particular procedure in completing a task. This leads as to the preference of self-regulated study environments while multi-tasking (Fraser, Van Ede, Hislop-Esterhuysen, & Owen,

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