Persuasive Essay On Mental Health

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The mind is a beautiful thing, and we sometimes take for granted its significant role in our day to day lives. Emotion, thought, and action are the essence of human identity and all contribute to constructing us into the unique individuals that we are, but they are also the prime domains altered in mental disorders. Mental illnesses are able to alter an individual’s perception and consciousness about themselves, others, and the world around them, which can sometimes lead to life limitations and specific boundaries. Something this resilient enough to affect the very core of your existence should never be looked down upon or taken lightly, which is why I feel so strongly about bringing awareness to mental health and illnesses. Having a mental…show more content…
Being an African-American female, not only are you expected to be resilient enough to take life’s hardest hits and keep going, you are never considered “mentally ill”. You don’t have bipolar disorder or anxiety, you are just considered an angry black woman and you need to stop acting “ghetto”. I have had many times where I felt so low as if the world was caving in and I had no one. It has also been times I have felt so overwhelmed and in a heightened state panic to where I just needed some type of release; but, I would never act on these emotions because they made me feel embarrassed and ashamed due to my upbringing. At the end of the day, the African-American community is filled with stigmas and negative connotations and honestly you do not want another label, which is why mental illnesses are so dismissed, never taken seriously, or frowned upon. Growing up, I was always told “go pray” or I just knew I had to get over whatever feelings I was currently experiencing, but thankfully through growth and experiences I have realized that it is okay not to be okay. I believe that seeking and receiving non-judgmental support for mental health conditions is important as that support could make the difference in helping someone feel empowered to get the help they may

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