Importance Of Silent Reading

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6.1 ORAL AND SILENT READING Readingout loud is nearer to intonation than to conception. The reader sharesmaterialthat the audience want. The “real-life” aim of reading out loud to others is to dispense information to them, to interest them, or to share a good story that they do not have (Zintz and Maggaut, 1989). Silent reading is reflected to be a “see and comprehend process” rather than a “see, say and comprehend” process. Buswell (1947) noted that silent reading should be a process of linkbetween perceptual stimulation and meaning “without a mediating sub vocalization”. Silent readingconcentrates on comprehension based onsome background information, visual data, and foreseeing and authorizingschemes. 6.2 SKIMMING AND SCANNING Scanning and…show more content…
The challenges in teaching writing skills is high for teachers as student aptitudes in writing differ widely. Some requiresubstantialassistance to develop a smooth-running operation; others instinctivelytakeoff and createmeaningfuldesignsof their own (Rivers and Temperley, 1978). If students write spontaneously, opportunities to buildconfidence in writing must be given to them. Writing is used when the recipient of the communication is not physically present. Professionals like journalists, teachers, writers, lawyers, etc. have good opportunities to use this method of communication in their workplace while others have very few instancesto resort to this method of communicating. Writing also fulfillsacademicfunction in second language teaching when used to fix the vocabulary and structures…show more content…
Teachers are not proficient in English listening and speaking and writing and therefore unable to boost the oral fluency of the students or improve the students’ skill in expressing ideas, both orally and in writing.Students are do not have assessment or grading their independent, innovativeEnglish writing. in their examinations.. Hence, the teachability of listening, speaking and reading arefound to becomparatively lower to that of writing. Teaching isslightlytoughfor an average teacher to write and explain thecontent in English. Therefore, considering this writing has to befavouredto the other three

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