The Importance Of Reading Books

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I was very little when my parents started reading to me. My favorite books were Dr. Seuss and Cinderella. My dad bought me every signal Dr. Sues book, I remember because every book has my name inside it in his handwriting. I would ask my mom and dad to read me the same book to me over and over again, it would never get old. I had tons of books that filled every shelf. I loved to read books when I didn't even though how to read yet, but I didn't care. Every night I had my dad read me at least three to five books a night before I go to bed. Sometimes we couldn't get to all of the books because I picked out so many. Once I did start learning how to read I really enjoyed it. I read all the time, at home, in the car anywhere that I could take a book with me. I would…show more content…
Gunter. After a while talking with my new teacher I became to realise that I wasn't going to be in the second grade, I was going to be a first grader, again. I was very upset with my mom, why would she put me a year behind? I just didn't understand, but once I started my year there I became to love it. Mrs. Gunter was a much better teacher than Miss. Kalahar. She payed more attention to me and she cared about me and my reading ability. I wasn't one of the best readers in the class but I wasn't the worst. Mrs. Gunter got me back on track with my reading and I do appreciate her for helping me and my mom for caring about my future. When I was old enough to read chapter books I became to enjoy reading even more. I felt so grown up reading bigger books. My absolute favorite books were Junie B. Jones. I had every signal Junie B. Jones book and I read them all. I remember one long night my mom, grandma and I were at Barnes and Noble and my mom was taking the longest time, so my grandma sat on the chair and she read a whole Junie B. Jones book to me in one night. I did have other favorite books like, Dork Diaries series, Mary Downing Hann books, and
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