Essay On Importance Of Reading

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No one is born a reader nor a human being is born with reading skills. Man lives in a reading world where he is surrounded by letters and words. Undeniably, there is no single day that man does not read anything. He, perhaps, reads text messages everyday. He reads street signs, signboards and advertisements when he walks down the streets. He reads menus when he orders in restaurants. He reads newspapers when he wants to know the issues happening in the country and throughout the world. He reads non-fiction books or magazines to get better information when he wants to know more about people, places, or things. He does a lot of reading, which is one of the basic requirements, when he studies. Therefore, reading is an indispensable skill which is the ground of almost all processes of learning and is necessary for a man throughout his life. Reading, of course, is the magic wand to the world of enlightenment and enjoyment. Reading is fundamental in today’s society (Carani, 2015). In the same line of thought, Yusuf (2015) argues that reading is not only a fundamental…show more content…
Sidek, (2012) emphasized that having the ability to read and understand and achieve information literacy in the English language allows university students access to information via printed materials as well as hypertexts to assist them in meeting their academic needs. Abidin and Riswanto (2012) agreed to this avowal that the ability to read academic texts is considered one the most essential skills that a university student of English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) needs to acquire. Accordingly, Super and Petty (2011) pointed out that to be successful in the college environment, it is imperative that students have strong comprehension and vocabulary skills and strategies to operate through dense and complex educational
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