Importance Of Mind Reading Essay

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When I was a child I remember that I dreamed in being an amazing superhero like Megamind for example. Since Megamind read minds and reading minds in that time period was entirely impossible but now time has changed and reading minds is not impossible, its possible. Everyone was a child and they fore played a superhero and it felt awesome to have powers of some sort and it was amazing. So in this research paper my topic was mind reading since its out of the ordinary and its interesting. Our times have changed a lot, our technology advances each day making new technology and making unreachable dreams a reality. The importance of mind reading is a huge impact in society, it will change everything. Such as privacy issues since you can just read anybody minds and ideally be restrictions. In result mind reading can change the world. Before doing the research on mind reading I came up with hypothesis that in order to utilize your mind reading skills you must be smart and have the technology. Also is mind reading possible or impossible? Its a no brainer since if your not smart or average smart you suffer mental retardation which…show more content…
The question that I had before if mind reading is possible or not. The answer quite clear now after the extensive work I put into this research paper. For now mind reading is in the process of being possible but not impossible since scientist are working their asses off and making it a reality. They came up with an fMRI which helps them pinpoint somewhat exactly what there patient or client are thinking. Its not accurate but for each breakthrough there are failures and success. These scientist did not make a breakthrough but they are in the right path success.Through numerous accounts people such as Dr. Martha Farah often doubted these scientist but no longer would they put their heads down since they are going to change the word with the machine the mind reads
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