Rhetorical Analysis Of How Books Can Open Your Mind

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Student’s Name Professor English 23 July 2015 Rhetorical Analysis Essay How Books Can Open Your Mind Being a child I wasn’t interested in reading a lot. It was much funnier to go outside and play with other kids. Now when I have grown up I understand what a huge mistake it was, how misleading my wishes and thoughts were. Now I realize that reading makes people intelligent and developed, it is the source for intellectual and cultural improvement. I have chosen the video “How Books Can Open Your Mind” for my analysis. From the topic it becomes clear that the speaker was talking about the importance and the role of books in human’s life. This topic has a high topicality in modern world as in the era of high-technologies people forget…show more content…
The speaker appeared to be a woman with a vast range of emotions. When she was talking about the crush of her childhood dream the audience could see that is was really important and meant a lot to her, the emotions weren’t artificial. When the speaker was saying “ At the age of fifteen I knew that my dream would never come true. I was afraid that for the rest of my life some secondary happiness would be the best I could hope for. But that’s so unfair!” (Bu); the pathos was so strong that the audience and views could feel it immediately and strongly. That fact makes the listeners to pay even more attention to the story told and to be sympathetic towards the speaker. And again, the emotions prove the credibility of the subject, emotions were the evidences of real feelings and worries. The speaker’s intonation also contributed to the success achieved. The most important moments were properly emphasized which made it easier for the audience to grab the main point of the speech, people knew when special attention was required. The way the speaker was connected with the audience made her words full of sense and the feeling that her points are heard. The connection with the audience, the understanding and mutual link made the performance vivid, interesting and truthful. The gestures and mimicry also played an important role during the speech and made it successful. The language of pathos was vivid and emotional. Emotional aspect plays an…show more content…
The main reason for this was the successful speech the speaker, Lisa Bu, has provided. She was very persuasive, logical and fair. Using ethos, pathos and logos she managed to create the complete image of her thoughts and to deliver them to the audience and to me personally. At the end of the speech the audience greeted her with a lot of clasping which truly means that they enjoyed her performing and that they support her. The idea of the importance of books on people’s lives was successfully delivered, accepted and support. The main reason for that was good preparation and using of the instruments which help to express idea and prove

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