Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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This quote from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is an example of a way in which indoctrination is shown throughout the book. Montag was talking to Faber and Faber was talking about what happens as we read. He tells Montag about how we gain knowledge from the books we read and with that knowledge we have a choice of carrying out those actions or not. The government that controls this society has completely banned books from these people and forces people into believing that they are bad for the society. The people who are found with books in their homes get in trouble by the government and they are punished and get their books burned. The government established an indoctrination on these people by banning these books and punishing those…show more content…
While reading this part of the book I thought about the article that we read in class, “On the Importance of Literature Studies in Making Responsible Citizens”. This article was about the importance on reading and how it triggers critical thinking, and with critical thinking we can start to change our lives by figuring out the forces trying to control us. These forces are invisible currents in our lives that we do not even realize we are trapped in and through critical reading it can help us to find our way out of these situations. When people read they are often trying to find out the underlying meaning of the text which is critical reading, people gain knowledge from reading and also figure out how to solve problems. The characters in Fahrenheit 451 are deprived from the option to read and therefore they aren’t learning how to critically read which hinders them from being able to think critically. Without learning how to think critically it’s harder for them to be able to realize these invisible currents in their lives. These characters don’t realize how much control the government has over their life and that explains why they are so unhappy and bored, even though they think they are happy because they are stuck in this force and don’t

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