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When you're one of those chosen few who has the capacity, patience and utter bravery to have co-habituated with the feline community, then there are some things that I am definite you're already aware by just staring at them every day. Cats are known to be one of the most mysterious creatures in the universe, and as we delve through time, the normal caretakers of cats and those who have gotten a master's degree in knowing them in a more scientific level, have collated some useful, obscure and beneficial facts about our furry housemates. The facts and hypotheses have been unnervingly funny and shocking at the same time. With proper awareness we might be our cat's greatest servants, or be the most annoying if information isn’t used properly. Read on and be more acquainted on cats, the universe they live in and that menacing look that gives us, owners, the creeps to…show more content…
When you have swept a ball of cat hair, make them hear that you called it 'bezoar'. Call their group of friends as 'clowder' and not the cat gang because they'll find that deeply inappropriate. And be mindful that each cat would have 12 whiskers on each cheek on their entire lifetime. Female cats are technically called queen or molly. 5. The fact that cats have the same brain structures as that of a normal human being is quite shocking in a sense, is it? Cats have the same brain portion responsible for emotions, and the next time that you hear your feline companion a purr with angst, and then they are definitely angry. 6. If you owned a cat, or should I say if a cat owned you, you're one of the 500 million owners who have taken care of a cat. Just a nugget of information, there are 40 breeds of cats present in this time and age. 7. When you think that only an arachnid traveled space, think again and get to know Felicette. The country France is the nation who has taken this bold risk in sending the first cat in deep space travel in 1963. Unsurprisingly, Felicette managed to survive the trip

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