Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Reading is not always an exciting thing to do. It is hard to find books that relate to the interests of more than one person. Certain books should be required to read because of the values and lessons they hold. Lord of the Flies should be required reading for all high school students because it shows leaderships, teamwork and survival skills. Generally, people are either a leader or a follower. Many people have leadership characteristics including Ralph, who takes charge, Piggy, who is very smart, and Jack, who is an obvious leader. These three boys combined make a great team. They show leadership in a variety of ways. Ralph shows leadership by blowing into the conch to gather everyone and by building huts to have as shelter, Piggy shows his leadership when he starts a fire with his glasses and by making sure people get along. Jack leads by hunting for food and enforcing laws. They together help everyone survive.…show more content…
It is important for everyone to help and get along. The characters in this book all hold different traits, which help them when it comes to certain jobs or duties. It would be impossible for one person to hold all the responsibility. Right away, the boys know what projects they can contribute to and help with. Jack feels that he can hunt which will keep everyone fed. While Ralph makes shelter, so everyone has a safe place to sleep and Piggy starts a fire. The boys all take turns watching over the fire and searching the island. Without teamwork, they would all be in danger. Coming together as one keeps them alive for as long as they have been. As they said, they are all in the same

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