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High schools--and even middle schools--across the nation are banning the use of the world-renowned novel To Kill a Mockingbird due to its crude language and sensitive topics such as rape. However, schools that ban the book are missing the big idea on the importance of reading a classic book, and are even trying to hide the facts as to what cannot be ignored in our country’s past. Two reasons as to why schools should not ban popular novel, particularly To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, is because reading a classic book will always be an important way to connect different time periods, and it isn’t good to to cover up problems from past times. Published in 1960, Harper Lee’s ‘one hit wonder’, To Kill a Mockingbird, was an instant success and even won one of the most prestigious awards in literature, the Pulitzer Prize. Ever since then, it has and probably will always be a classic. Due to its vulgar language and use of the n-word throughout the book, some schools are opposed to the idea of…show more content…
After all, you cannot erase a part of history, so why should schools not teach it? “To those who oppose I say: trying to cover up our countries pain race problems, both past and present, puts you in the same class as the Holocaust deniers- those people who, despite ample evidence to the contrary, deny that 6 million Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany” (Madsenmom). Also, learning history is vital to understand and acknowledge how things once were. “This value of historical knowledge obviously justifies teaching and learning about what happened in recent times, for the way things are descended from the way they were yesterday and the day before that”
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