The Importance Of Private Investigation

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The first known private the investigation agency opened in France in 1833. It did not have as many advantages as it does now, but they still got the job done using what they had. There are now more tools, technology, and science that makes the private investigation more efficient. Private investigation is a freelance detective agency that carries out investigations on behalf of private clients. I grew up watching investigation shows and always found interest in it, but I like being independent so that’s why I choose private investigation. Private investigation is a reachable career topic for me because it brings together me wanting to be independent and my joy for criminology: plus, it provides a boost in training in similar career fields and…show more content…
Some private detectives spend all day in their office doing computer work and making phone calls, but many detectives spend time out of the office interviewing people and conducting surveillance. When private investigators are conducting investigations, they might just spend time in a high tech office or be disguised in bars. Some “investigators usually work alone” ( Career Profiles), but sometimes while watching surveillance video or trying to avoid getting their cover blown, they work in groups. Since private usually confront their suspect and that makes their job dangerous. Some situations like bodyguard assignments the investigator has to be armed. An investigator's “ purpose is gathering information and not law enforcement or criminal apprehension” (“Truity”), so they do not put suspects under arrest or detain them. Private detectives and investigators often work irregular hours because they conduct surveillance and contact people outside of normal work hours. They may have to work outdoors or from a vehicle, or any kind of weather, depending on what the person under investigation is done during the time of the…show more content…
Not generally a “requirement for state licensure, many private investigation firms require their employees to possess a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice” (“Private Investigator Education”) or some degree that is closely related. You may also need a license for this field, but not all have one “45 states in the united states require a license” ( Criminal Justice Degrees).Many private investigators developed their skills during former careers as police officers. A “private investigator must have completed the necessary education to work as a police officer” (“Certified Private Investigator”), which includes a high school degree and at least two years of college. Training must remain a central focus training ¨for individuals with aspirations of a career in investigations and for private investigators for private investigators currently working in profession ¨(Private investigator

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