Strengths And Weaknesses Of Tesco

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To put our responsibilities to the communities we serve at the heart of what we do In 2011, Tesco made its responsibilities to the communities central to all it does, rather than just be part of it, this is demonstrated through its ‘Three Big Ambitions”. To build our team so that we create more value Tesco most important asset is its people, who live by its values to do their best for customers. In keeping with its vision to be highly valued, innovative growth company, Tesco has committed to training effective leaders in all areas within its Group. To be as strong in everything we sell as we are in food Food is Tesco’s heritage but the business continues to diversity, adding a wide range of products and services in-store and online. If Tesco…show more content…
• Better product images on their website, as for some products a basic image is all that's needed, but others need to be seen from a range of angles to enable customers to decide on a purchase. • Show delivery charges on product pages. Customers hate finding out about delivery charges at the last minute, especially as this is a crucial part of the purchase decision for many web shoppers. Customers want to know delivery charges at the very least. They will also like to know when an item will be delivered. This vague message doesn't provide either. The rule of thumb for e-commerce companies is to never hide delivery information and pricing within the checkout process. Don't force the customers to visit the checkout unless they're ready to buy. • Don't make customers register before shopping. As, customers need to register and enter email, address and their phone number. This is placing unnecessary obstacles in front of the customer, and may cause many to abandon the idea to checkout some items. Tesco can improve by just letting customers browse, fill up their baskets, and then register after they want to do the…show more content…
Tesco can give customers the option of contacting Tesco by email. Many people would prefer not to hang around on the phone, while writing and waiting for a reply can be a slow process. Emails can allow a quick response, and can also take pressure of call centre, as long as queries are answered in a timely fashion. Tesco can improve in email services, as there are a range of online customer services tools out there that can help massively, in terms of email

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