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INTRODUCTION The term forensic investigation refers to the use of science or technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidences to be used in legal cases or other proceedings. The scope of forensic analysis varies from information retrieval to reconstructing series of events that have occurred in the past. In this paper we would be discussing the meaning of the term ‘COMPUTER FORENSICS’, its uses, the users of computer forensics, steps involved in this type of forensic investigation, its requirements, various methods of hiding and recovering data, the meaning of anti-forensics, the reason for its use. The field of computer forensics began to evolve nearly around 30years ago in the decade of 1980s in the United States in…show more content…
The analysis may act as evidence in proving that the crime actually took place, computers may or may not be used directly. DOMESTIC MATTERS- Domestic cases are mostly related to infidelity or unfaithfulness and the spying of one person on his/her partner by reading mails, entering chatrooms, etc. SECURITY ISSUES- The Centre for Computer Forensics has provided data that states that nearly 92% of various important records and documents are stored on digital devices and that forensics helps in prevention of any damage to this data and prevents from any kind of tampering. The task assigned to a computer forensic expert is to help and determine whether a computer disk or any other form of media contains material that is possible evidence or not. If it does then the expert must administer the extraction of evidence and ensure that information is obtained without causing any damage to the original data. There are several reasons why only a specially trained and qualified professional should be called to investigate a cyber

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