Raymond Chandler's Film, The Big Sleep

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The Big Sleep is a 1946 film, is directed by Howard Hawks. He was an American film director, maker and screenwriter of the classic Hollywood period. He is well known for his movies from an extensive variety of types. In 1942, Hawks was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director. The enormous slumber is the first film form of Raymond Chandler's 1939 novel of the same name. The Big Sleep (1946) is one of Raymond Chandler's best hard-bubbled analyst riddles changed film, private detective film excellent. This effective adjustment of Chandler's 1939 novel was from his first Philip Marlowe novel. The film stars Humphrey Bogart as detective Philip Marlowe and Lauren Bacall as Vivian Rutledge in an anecdote about the procedure of a criminal…show more content…
The general needs to determination gambling obligations his younger daughter, Carmen Sternwood (Vickers), who owes to book retailer Arthur Gwynn Geiger. Before Marlowe meets the general, he is acquainted with his younger daughter, the flirtatious Carmen (Martha Vickers), who remarks that she supposes Marlowe is "cute," then tries to "sit in his lap" while he is remaining up. Marlowe meets general in the greenhouse, where Marlowe needs to sweat while he drinks brandy. The General additionally tells being melancholy that his previous confidant, an ex-bootlegger named Sean Regan. General contracted to do his drinking, had abruptly vanished and hasn't been seen since. General tells him, rumors spread that Regan went to Mexico with the wife (Peggy Knudsen) of gambler Eddie Mars (John Ridgely). As Marlowe is leaving, General Sternwood's oldest daughter, Mrs. Vivian Rutledge (Bacall), stops him. She suspects her father's actual motive in bringing in a detective is to discover Sean Regan, who had mysteriously vanished a month earlier. She and Marlowe have a discussion in which she tries to determine why her father hired him. At the point when Marlowe didn't say anything, she remarks, "I don't like your

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