Nelson Mandela Ideology

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When a child is born he knows little about the world he is born into. It’s possible for one childhood environment to shape many aspects of a person’s life and the choices this particular person makes. This ideology fits the life of Nelson Mandela and he could be used as a perfect example. In regards to Mandela, the parallel between his life, family, and political choices can be linked back to his childhood. Considering the details of Nelson Mandela’s life I want to argue that his childhood environment prepared him to choose the pursuit of politics over his family at the young age. Mandela’s childhood fashioned his political views. In order for us to understand this ideology, we need to go back in the book to examine the childhood of Nelson…show more content…
(Long Walk to freedom chapter 11). These are acts of discrimination against the blacks in South Africa which Nelson sought to fight against later in his adult…show more content…
Mandela at the young was a call to become a leader, responsible and reliable for taking care of family sources of nutrition. “I was no more than five when he became a herd-boy, looking after sheep and calves in the field. I discovered the almost mystical attachment that the Xhosa have for cattle not only as a source of food and wealth but as a blessing from God and as a source of happiness” (Long Walk to Freedom, Chapter 2). Cattle are wild and they can get out hand sometimes especially they one from Africa are nothing to mess with. I applaud him to able to do such work, and this highly speaks of his leadership and character. I would not even be able to do such a thing. And I wonder what I was doing at that age. Probably playing in the sand somewhere in Togo. In the African cattle were not only a source of food but a blessing, wealth and happiness. Without such life circumstance and preparations, there’s a slight chance that he may have chosen other roots in life rather than become a freedom

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