The Importance Of Patient Safety

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Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities related to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medication-related problem (WHO, 2002). In the UK , both registered and unregistered professionals are allowed to prescribe medicines to a patient and the profession is governed by the Standard and management of medicines by the Nursing and Midwifery council as well as the General Medical council (UK).Medical professionals, apart from their knowledge from qualifications and specialization in medical fields, they are assisted by protocols and medical chart to deliver safe practice and report incidence in the health care industry. This well designed system is termed as patient safety. Patient safety…show more content…
While the prescriber has a professional responsibility to issue a safe and legible prescription, haste, fatigue or a lack of understanding of the importance of clear prescribing may contribute to illegibility. MEs(medical errors) include errors of omission as well as errors of commission. MEs, like other types of patient safety incidents, usually arise from human factors and poorly designed health-care products and systems rather than the individual performance of a single practitioner.The General Medical council- Good medical practice(2013) emphasizes all the necessary requirements for treatment. Section 15 denotes the need and objectivity of treatment and section 20 emphasizes on the mutual relationship to take decisions. The NMC- section 4- Standards for administration of medicines defines the rules to be applied by registrants in relation to identity of patient, any allergy, the care plan, the therapeutic uses of medicines to be administered, method of administration, route and timings, its normal dosage, side effects, precautions and adverse effects. The responsibility continues following prescription to withhold or administer in the context of the patient's condition. To make a clear, accurate and immediate record of all medicine administered, intentionally withheld or refused by the patient and to report any contra-indications or

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