Janice Cabrillo Case Study

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Janice Cabrillo has made great strides since she first began coming in for therapy several months ago. Janice expressed she wanted to marry her fiancé, Joe, however, she was having difficulty with planning for the wedding date. Utilizing Person Centered Therapy, Janice and I were able to create a strong foundation of trust. Janice was able to share her pain from the past and revealed her unresolved grief. After Janice had been coming for a few months, I was able to use Gestalt therapy for Janice regarding the grief of the loss of her baby, a child she lost through a miscarriage, after her first husband, Robert left her. Janice was able to connect the dots that she lost her daughter, after she had put so much planning into her daughter’s…show more content…
I invite Janice to think about what she’d like the folder that she places in the wedding dress pictures in, to look like. I encourage her that she may want to pick a folder with a color she likes, an inspirational quote, etc., and I share the folder itself, should be inviting, as it will be part of her wedding planning journey. “Okay, so folder I like, a wedding magazine, and rip out three photos a day, does that cover it?” Janice asks with some zest in her voice. I tell her yes, and that we will move forward from there. If Janice completes this assignment, I will then ask her at the next session to choose 10 of her most favorite dresses from her folder, and write down what she likes the most about each dress. From there, I will have her select her five most favorite dresses and place the magazine photos is places of her home that she can view daily, so that she can become more comfortable with the idea of a wedding dress

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