The Importance Of Accreditation In Healthcare

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Healthcare professionals must ensure that the patients’ safety is of utmost priority when delivering care. Health care organizations are accredited by the Joint Commission which sets the standard guidelines for safe, quality care. As stated by Finkelman & Kenner (2016), “Accreditation is the process by which organizations are evaluated on their quality, based on established minimum standards.’ (p.396). “Joint Commission standards are the basis of an objective, evaluation process that can help health care organizations measure, assess, and improve performance” (Joint Commission, 2017). The purpose of the joint commission is to set standards for safety policies and practices, for health care organizations to ensure safe, high quality care to…show more content…
Health-care associated infections cannot be eradicated but they can be reduced. If office-based surgical facilities ensure health-care workers follow policies, protocols and guidelines set by the Joint Commission, then this goal can be achieved. One goal of health-care professionals is to do no harm to patient, therefore, avoiding and reducing the risk of health-care associated infection is one harm that must be reduced. However, there are obstacles that may impede the achievement of this goal. Obstacles that impede implementation. Inadequate training increases the risk of infection transmission to patients. The tolerance for unsafe practice by health-care providers and lack of communication are obstacles that prevent the implementation of reducing the risk of infection. Healthy stated that, ‘The behaviors of healthcare providers and their interaction with the healthcare system also influence the rate of healthcare associated infections.’ Health-care providers sometimes fail to correct their colleagues who are non-compliant with…show more content…
Patients can take their record to health visits which will reduce the risk of error. Office-based surgical facilities can invest in electronic devices and software that will allows access to patient’s medical record. Healthcare providers must ensure they reconcile patient medication records to eliminate duplication of medication. Reconciliation of medication enables the physician to identify drugs that may cause adverse interaction. Finkelman & Kenner (2016) ‘Responsibility for completing the medication reconciliation needs to be clarified in a policy and procedure’. (p403). It is important that healthcare providers document medication administered. The five rights rules: right patient, right drug, right dosage, right route, right time, must be adhered to when administering medication. Adhering to the rules error will be

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