The Pros And Cons Of Discrimination

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Discrimination has been a major issue around the world for tons of decades now. Discrimination refers to treatment in an unreasonable or prejudicial way. It is cause by many reasons such as race, sex, or even age (Dictionary). Discrimination has caused many major setbacks which later turned into life changing and historical moments. For example, in 1955, Rosa Parks, an African American woman rode in the front row on a city bus to head home. While the front row was being reserved for “white” individuals, Rose Parks refused to move. Later into that bus ride, the driver had called the police and Rosa Parks was arrested for breaking the city code (Rosa Parks). Discrimination is caused by the race of an individual, sex of an individual, and sometimes…show more content…
Racism is the belief that one race is greater than another race. Under racism, there are two categories; moral racism and genetic racism. Moral racism is the moral belief that one race is better than the other, while on the other hand, genetic racism is the thought that one race is hereditarily better than another (Affirmative Action, 2005). Racial discrimination happens every day in every part of the world. From the workplace of an individual to schools, and just general public places. In 1964, the civil rights act was written and passed in the United States of America. This act stated that racial discrimination and racial segregation is illegal. It stated that anyone or any place that fails to follow the law will be sent to jail. Racism today occurs mostly in the workplace. In 2011, the United States had received about 100,000 charges of discrimination in workplaces (Chief, E). Of those 100,000 individuals, 34% of them were African American, and 29% of them were from the Asian descent (Schifferes, S). Racial discrimination can have many bad effects on a place but may also have a good effect on the place or organization. If racial discrimination happened today and the person that is being discriminated against stood up for him or herself and took the case to court, it will cause chaos and may cause an outbreak in a tiny conflict at the time but later on, that moment will be looked up on as a major historical even like in the case of Rosa

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