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Elementry School Teacher A teacher is probably the oldest career in the human history, in the society the teachers are the communicators of the human culture and knowledge. A good teacher and a bad teacher can mean a lot different for the student, because a teacher’s job is more than teaching students the lecture but also teaching them how to be a better person. Student would not remember everything the teacher says, but it would affect student by the way teacher act, talk and sometime what they say. For the growth of children, the environment and the people around them giving a huge effect to them because the early stage of a children has the strongest learning ability, for example; Children normally can be fluently speaking in a language within 4 years old and at the same time they are learning how to read, eat and many life skills which is very hard to have that much knowledge at the same time since it takes a older student or adult to be fluent in a language in years. It shows that…show more content…
Most elementary education programs also include student teaching and practicum experiences during the junior and senior years of study.In most states, certification is required to work as an elementary school teacher in public schools, though state licensure is not a requirement to teach in all private schools. Elementary education degrees are offered through on-campus programs as well as through online distance learning, though to qualify graduates for licensure, online elementary education degrees must typically include an in-person student internship component. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another subject, a master’s degree in elementary education that leads to initial teacher certification may be an alternate pathway.”("Career Cluster Overview: Education and

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