Clinical Scenarios: Case Study

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Discussion #2 - Clinical Scenario The clinical instructor must notify the students regarding the institutional clinical/lab policies during the day of orientation at the simulation lab or in the classroom. The students should also be informed of the regulatory actions that will be taken in case of any policy violation. The University Of South Florida (USF) has clearly mentioned the uniform and dress code policy in the Baccalaureate handbook. The policy mentions that the student`s hair must be neatly groomed and above the collar, long hair must be tied and clipped back with an inconspicuous clip or band, USF lab coat may be worn over the uniform, may wear close fitted white-only long or short sleeve T-shirt undergarment and also any colored…show more content…
Additionally, during the clinical orientation or before the students start administering medication under supervision, I will discuss the aspects of safe medication administration and the five rights of medication administration. The students will view the vignette depicting the safe medication administration techniques in clinical setting from the QSEN website; (Dunker, n.d.)(Dunker, n.d.)Dunker, 2014). A problem arises when I find out that a student has given medication to a patient without supervision and without even knowing the name or action of the drug. I will go and check the patient first and then will enquire with the assigned registered nurse regarding the incidence. I will also assess patient`s vital signs and the lab values for patient safety. I will inform the incidence to the unit director and also the program director. I will instruct the student regarding the importance of safe medication administration and will take disciplinary action as required by the institution. In the post-conference, I will make the students aware of the situation and reinforce the importance of medication safety in the clinical setting. In the upcoming faculty meeting, I will inform the other faculty members regarding the incident so that the medication safety can be reinforced to the entire student

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