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SUMMARY CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS From the different concepts and views about the issue, it brought into clear view how important are students language acquisition behavior. It crystallized the importance of acquiring effective language to communicate with others what one has to relate in any form may it be spoken, written or signed. It was argued that one’s language acquisition is influenced by biology and environment. In other words, when we were born in this world we are already given by nature the capacity to learn language. Famous linguist Noam Chomsky (1957) as presented by Santrock (2012) argued that humans are prewired to learn language at a certain time and in a certain way. The strongest evidence for the biological basis of…show more content…
Enough variation occurs in language development when children ‘s caregivers differ substantially in input styles to know that the environment plays a significant role in language development, especially in the acquisition of vocabulary (Tamis-LeMonda, Barnstein & Baumwell, 2001). For example; in one recent study, by the time they were three years old, children living in poverty conditions showed vocabulary deficits compared to their counterpart in middle-income families, and the deficits continued to be present when they entered school at six years of age (Farkas,…show more content…
No matter how long you converse with a dog, it won’t learn to talk, because it doesn’t have the human child’s biological capacity for language. Unfortunately, though some children fail to develop good language skills even in the presence of a very good role models and interaction. An interactionist view emphasizes the contributions of both biology and experience in language development. That is, children are biologically prepared to learn language as they and their caregivers interact. In or out of school, encouragement of language development, not drill and practice, is the key. Language development is not simply a matter of being rewarded for saying things correctly and imitating a speaker. Children benefit when their parents and teacher actively engage them in conversation, ask them questions and emphasize interactive rather than directive language. Therefore, is recommended that teachers should understand that students vary in their acquisition of language. It is not surprising that each one in their class differ in their sharing of opinions focused on one issue. One should remember that language acquisition is influenced biologically and reinforced by the

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